Designing Rejuvenation into Work

September 1 – December 31, 2018

Over three months, through a combination of readings, videos and conversations, we’ll explore the research on:

  • What people need from work in order to be healthy
  • Risk factors for exhaustion, burnout and illness
  • How to design work systems that promote health

Some of our topics

  • Differences between health-promoting work & wellness programs
  • Physiology and consequences of stress
  • Introduction to ergonomics
  • Effects of a measurement-culture
  • The special case of burnout and how to address it


Five Live Calls (which will be recorded)

be healthy online resources

This program can transform your working life if you:

  • believe research can inform practice
  • are open to challenging conventional ‘truths’
  • are ready to invest time & energy in reading & discussion
  • are seeking inspiration for improving your own working life
  • share responsibility for the health of your group (e.g., leadership, HR, OD, climate committee, wellness program, quality)
  • desire to shift your organization toward greater health

This program will feel frustrating if you:

  • want a checklist that you can implement immediately
  • dislike reading articles & books written by researchers (I get it – they can be dense!)
  • are focused on fighting fires and don’t currently have time or energy to think about fire prevention
  • believe it’s someone else’s job to learn this material and put it to use