BeeSeminars & Workshops

shorter conversations, custom-designed for your group

It’s one thing to start to see your work system differently yourself.  It’s another to get a constructive conversation going inside your organization.  Sometimes it’s easier for an outsider to initiate a new way of looking at things.  If you like, I can help.

Seminar prices range from $500-$1500, plus travel expenses, depending on the length of the conversation and the location of your group.

Workshop prices range from $5000-$10,000, plus travel expenses, depending on the size of the group, the length of our conversation, and the location of your group.

BeeCustom Programs

format and content customized for your group’s goals

The Be Effective Series is great for individuals who want to learn more about healthy work and apply what they learn to their own working lives.  But to move organizations forward, these conversations need to be rooted within working groups, where decisions take place.

Shifting the conversation at your location is powerful.  We can initiate new norms for behavior, and introduce new concepts and language to describe what’s happening and what you want to have happen.

If your group is interested in learning about healthy work, I’d be happy to talk with you about a customized program, designed for your folks, taught at your site.  Or we can custom-design an online program (or mixed format) for your group.

Prices depend on the format, length and location of your program.  A 10-week, in-person, program for 12 participants at your location in Southern Wisconsin would start at $15,000.