Evergreen Programs

To help busy people access this information, Katherine is now offering on-demand programs.  Katherine updates the programs periodically, so they stay evergreen.

You can engage as you have time, capacity and need. They’re available to you 24/7.

Where to Start: Context

If you’re new to the topic of healthy work systems or would like a refresher, this introductory course sets a strong foundation:

Understand the Research

These evergreen programs let you do a deep dive into the research whenever you have time.

  • Motivation ($150 +tax)
  • Stress ($150 +tax)
  • Change ($150 +tax)

Apply the Research

When you are ready to translate the research about healthy work to your organization, these programs will support you through an intervention process at the job or process level.

  • Job Design ($200 +tax)
  • Process Improvement ($200 +tax)

Free Videos

If you’d like to get a feel for the conversation, try these free videos:

First Fridays

Katherine is offering a monthly, free, one-hour video call for people interested in talking about health-promoting work.  First Fridays is a chance to talk about how work impacts health.  You can bring questions and comments from any of her programs and/or your own experience. Everyone who is interested in employee health is welcome.

If you’re participating in an evergreen program, First Fridays are a great way to ask questions and discuss program concepts.  The group video calls are also a great way to meet other innovators interested in healthy work systems.

First Friday video calls are from noon-1pm (central) the first Friday of each month. You can find call-in information for First Fridays in Katherine’s newsletter (sign up at the bottom of this page) or within any of her programs.

Designing Work for People

If you want to start a conversation about healthy work systems in your workplace, you might share one of these short videos with your colleagues.

  • You can share this page with your people, and you can get together to discuss a video after you’ve watched it.
  • If you wish to engage a large group, contact Katherine so she can talk with you about what you have in mind, and perhaps put together a customized mini-program for your organization.