Work Systems Model

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It’s back-to-school time, and that means the Be Effective Series programs are coming up soon! I’m rethinking our traditional 12-week format, looking to make the programs shorter at the same time as I refresh the content.

Be Aware: The Research Behind Leadership & Management is the starting point.  It’s where we translate decades of research into our daily working lives. It’s where we experience the wisdom of a group. (Our conversation about work is *so* rich because we’ve all learned along the way.) And it’s where we discover how much we know intuitively about leadership and management, and how much we have in common with professionals from different industries.

Be Aware is where we discuss what has gone largely unexamined: what does a healthy workplace rely upon For example, if trust is important to creativity, innovation and productivity, how do we cultivate it? How do we repair it once it’s damaged?

If you’re interested in participating in a program this fall, send me a note. Let’s make this happen!