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What Does Meaningful Work Have to Do with Health?

What does meaning have to do with health at work?  Human factor’s engineers ask exactly that. And we can help you find your way to the next level of your own personal, professional and organizational health.

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Credit Jessica Becker, WHC

My guest post in this month’s Humanities Booyah blog goes beyond talking about the ways dysfunctional work systems make us (individually and collectively) sick, and offers a list of things that people seek and need from their work to be well.

You’ll find that list here.

Meanwhile, if you’re a professional ready to explore the role of meaning in your own work systems, there’s an upcoming program just for you.

Fall Be Aware flyer

Register for November’s Be Aware program and join us as we explore ways to lead by supporting people’s progress towards meaningful goals each day.  If you lead in this manner, your team can engage their intrinsic motivation.

These small wins make all the difference.  They bring hope and a sense of achievement into our daily lives. Productivity. Health.