Healthy Organization Change

On hold until we have the capacity to go deep again.

In this flexible, self-paced program, we’ll explore:

  • A Systems Approach to Health-Promoting Leadership
  • Humane, Realistic and Health-Promoting Organization Change

Some of our topics

  • Healthy Work Framework
  • Job Design
  • Health-Promoting Measurement
  • Job Analysis


Five Live Calls (which will be recorded):

be change online resources

This program can transform your view of leadership if you:

  • enjoy self-directed learning
  • value research evidence
  • are open to challenging conventional thinking
  • can invest time & energy in reading & discussion
  • share responsibility for the health of your group (e.g., leadership, HR, OD, climate committee, wellness program, quality)

This program will feel frustrating if you:

  • dislike reading articles & books written by researchers
  • are focused on fighting fires and don’t currently have the capacity for fire prevention