First Fridays

I offer a free, monthly, one-hour call for people interested in talking about health-promoting work.  You can bring questions and comments from any of my programs and/or your own experience. Everyone who is interested in employee health is welcome.

If you’re participating in an on-demand program, First Fridays are a great way to ask questions and discuss program concepts.  These calls are also a great way to meet other innovators interested in building back better work.

First Friday calls are from noon-1pm (US central time) the first Friday of each month. You can find zoom information for First Fridays in my newsletter (sign up at the bottom of this page) or within any of my programs.

YouTube Channel

You can find my YouTube channel here.

I periodically share short videos about healthy work systems concepts.

Video Series: Designing Work for People

I’ve also started a video series about designing work for people: