Build Back Better Work

When relief workers and engineers help a community recover after a natural disaster, they don’t just rebuild what was there.  They build back better.  They build stronger and more resilient structures, services and processes.

Our organizations are suffering from the effects of a natural disaster unlike any we’ve weathered before.  We can’t just pile new rules on top of old processes and expect to go back to the way things were.  We have to build back better work.

It might sound impossible, especially in this situation, but it’s not. Well-designed work doesn’t ask people to choose between their health and paying the rent.  It’s rewarding.  Life-affirming. Sustainable.

Live Program Schedule

I am creating a series of short, on-demand programs to support leaders in building back better work.  I’ll offer live programs to complement each on-demand program.  We will cover the same material, but have time for discussion.

No one has done this before.  You don’t have to figure this out by yourself.  We can #buildbackbetterwork together.

Build Back Better Work: Start the Conversation ($130)

Safety isn’t just about following rules.  Safety is also about having the capacity to respond, especially when the situation keeps changing.

This program provides a simple framework for you to have a rich conversation with your employees about what they need to be safer at work. Use it again and again as the situation continues to evolve.

This schedule is evolving, so check back to see when new programs are added to the list.

Live Program Series for Innovators

My program series for innovators will help you translate and apply the most important research findings on work systems.  These programs take place over three months, so you have plenty of time to think about applications and implications.

You can set your own pace, moving through the videos, articles and discussion questions when time permits.  You can start where you want, and revisit your favorite concepts.

I’m available all along the way – in the membership area, asking and answering questions. We also have live-calls.  If you miss a call, no worries.  The conversations are recorded, so you can catch up when time permits.

You can take the programs in whatever order works for you – and come back as an alumnus whenever the mood strikes.