Build Back Better Work

When relief workers and engineers help a community recover after a natural disaster, they don’t just rebuild what was there.  They build back better.  They build stronger and more resilient structures, services and processes.

Our organizations are suffering from the effects of a natural disaster unlike any we’ve weathered before.  We can’t just pile new rules on top of old processes and expect to go back to the way things were.  We have to build back better work.

It might sound impossible, especially in this situation, but it’s not. Well-designed work doesn’t ask people to choose between their health and paying the rent.  It’s life-affirming. Equitable. Sustainable.

Live Program Schedule

I’m delighted to collaborate with leaders and innovators interested in building back better work.   I offer live and on-demand programs so that you can choose what best fits your intentions and your schedule.

My live programs are listed below. My schedule is evolving, so check back to see when new programs are added to the list or join my newsletter for updates (bottom of this page).

If this timing doesn’t work for you, check out the on-demand versions.

Systems Thinking ($130)

People are (rightly) calling for system change.  In order to shift or transform a system, we need systems thinking.

I introduce foundational concepts and a simple, powerful tool to help your group map out which systems you’re wanting to shift and where you want to intervene within them.

  • foundational language and concepts of systems thinking, including the iceberg model (below)
  • a simple and powerful planning tool, the cause-effect diagram
  • practice mapping the system you are interested in changing

With 2 live-calls over 2 weeks, you’ll have time to integrate and practice. Choose the timing that works best for your schedule.

Start the Conversation ($180)

There are different types of safety – physical & psychological.  This time period is bringing both physical and mental health into focus as top priorities.

Whatever type(s) of safety your group is working to improve, the most important thing you can do is engage your people in an ongoing conversation about what matters most to them.  Talk with them.  Respond to them.  Build flexibility into your organization.

This program provides a simple framework for you to have a rich conversation with your employees about what they need to be safer at work. Use it again and again as the situation continues to evolve and people’s needs change.

  • engage your people
  • find out what matters most to them
  • benefit from their knowledge and insights
  • come up with a better (safer, healthier, sustainable) way to work

We’ll make good use of the classic hierarchy of needs.

We’ll have 3 live-calls over 3 weeks.

Live Program Series for Innovators

I’ve put my innovator series on hold. I’ll bring them back when Life settles down.

These three-month programs provide plenty of time to discuss applications and implications. You set your own pace, moving through the videos, articles and discussion questions when time permits.  You can start where you want, and revisit your favorite concepts.

I’m available all along the way – in the membership area, asking and answering questions. We also have live-calls.  If you miss a call, no worries.  The conversations are recorded, so you can catch up when time permits.

You can take the programs in whatever order works for you – and come back as an alumnus whenever the mood strikes.

I can also offer these in-depth programs for organizations.  Contact me if your organization is interested in a customized version of this series.