The online readings, videos and conversations let you
engage when it’s convenient and go deep when you have the capacity.

Read and explore what you wish, when you wish.

• On the day the program begins, you will gain access to all lessons. You’ll have access to them for the entire program. No waiting to get around to the topics that most interest you! You can roam through the material in a non-linear fashion or move through in the order they are listed.

• Conversations take place on the program’s private membership area. Interact with the group when and how you are able.

• Ask questions and make comments in real-time with Katherine and the other participants during the live calls.

• Live calls are recorded and archived for you to listen to again or at a time that better fits your schedule. You may submit questions ahead of time via email and the membership area.

• If you can’t start the program on the day it begins, no problem! Or if you get into the course and realize you want to invite colleagues to participate with you, you’ve got time! People may register anytime until one month before the program ends and join the conversation as they are able.

• Remember: access to the member area and online materials ends when the program ends. You can participate again in the future with an alumni discount.

Hang out together… from home.

• You can access the program from wherever there is an internet connection. That means no driving, no parking and less stress. You can participate with more comfort, with the program materials at your fingertips.

• Interacting on the program’s private membership area (as opposed to online groups affiliated with your social media accounts) allows you to create a program profile with as much or as little anonymity as you wish.

• The community agreements are the same as those for our in-person programs. So no worries about people using the space to judge or try to ‘fix’ others. This online community cultivates informed action for a collective good.

An ongoing conversation with depth and reach.

• This platform allows us to talk with and learn from professionals anywhere in the world. Discover how universal these topics are, and how local action can transform people’s working lives.

• And we’re delighted to announce that once you have participated in an online program, you will be able to join the same program anytime in the future at a discounted alumni rate. Each time you participate, you can deepen your understanding, explore new resources, and interact with new people.