Our intention is to seed conversations about healthy work within and across many work systems.

Here’s how we can help you engage more of your folks.


People have the freedom to explore and then come together to discuss.

• Not only do we have diversity in our personalities, schedules, backgrounds and skills, but we also have individual learning styles and preferences.  Because your people can access the materials when it’s convenient for them, and in whatever order they prefer, it’s more likely they’ll find a rhythm that works for them.

• By having a group take the program at the same time, you will learn a common language to talk about healthy work systems.  You’ll have more insight into what you value, and more precision about how you articulate those values.  This common language is a necessary first step in shaping and leading change initiatives.

• Katherine can answer questions from individuals through the messages area, the live calls and via email, so people can go in multiple directions at once, without having to worry that their question won’t fit in with the conversation.

• The ways your folks engage the material will translate into formal and informal conversations at work.  You can formalize the online discussions by bringing them into your work structures, asking folks to say something about what they’re learning in the program or how they see the ideas playing themselves out in your organization.

If you want to use these programs to seed organization development initiatives, you have options.

1) You can customize the online programs to fit your people, context and goals. Katherine has a handout to help you think through the design process. (See the handout Customizing for Groups.)

2) Group leaders can contact Katherine directly for a complementary hour of consulting (worth $250) and she can walk through your goals and unique context with you.


In order to shift organizations toward greater health, we need multiple people speaking the same language, seeing similar possibilities.  If you’re interested in investing in this shift toward health for your group, we’re interested in making it easier for you!

• The online program can get the ball rolling online, with asynchronous conversations, followed up by live discussions.

• If you have five or more people ready to participate from the same organization, contact Katherine to scheduled your free consulting hour so she can walk through the Customizing for Groups handout with you. She can also streamline your group’s registration process.

• If you’d like Katherine to help you customize your group’s experience, by selecting a specific order or prioritization to the readings, or augmenting the program material with research from your profession, she’s happy to talk with you about consulting options (hourly rates, retainers).

• If you have a large group and would like a private program experience for your organization, or are interested in a new, customized program, contact Katherine directly.