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    Have you been wondering if some of the issues you're experiencing at work have to do with the design of your work system itself?

    You're not alone.

    So many conversations are going on about occupational stress, employee engagement and burnout - most of them advocating that individual leaders and employees change what they're doing.

    It's very possible that you could change some of what you're doing and feel some improvement.  There is no question that taking good care of oneself is a foundation of health-promoting adulthood.

    However, if you've already tried self-help and potentially, even professional coaching, and the problems persist, it could be that the issues stem from the way your work system has been designed.

    If this is the case, and your work system is designed in a way that hinders or harms employee health, only system interventions will address the problem.

    So a first step is to decide: Is this a system issue, or an individual issue?

    This short questionnaire is intended to help you determine where the issues are.

    Please mark as many statements as you feel are true.  The more statements you mark as true, the more likely the issues you're experiencing are work-system design issues.  

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