BeeThere are many starting points

let’s find the approach that works for you

My online programs are convenient and affordable first steps into a research-based conversation about healthy work systems.

You might bring a group of colleagues into an online program to start a conversation in your workplace.

Your group’s readiness and capacity will determine how fast you move and how far you travel.  I can support your group’s progress in a number of ways:

  • coming to speak with your group in person,
  • collaborating with your group via an online Integration Workshop (alumni only),
  • custom designing a program for your group (online or mixed format),
  • collaborating with your leadership group over 6 to 12 months, on retainer,
  • custom designing and implementing a Great Work by Design organizational change initiative with you.

Send me an email and we can talk through options.

BeeSeminars & Workshops

shorter conversations, custom-designed for your group

It’s one thing to envision what’s possible in your work system.  It’s another thing to facilitate a constructive conversation inside your organization. Entrenched dynamics and personal histories can get in the way. Sometimes an outsider brings a perspective just different enough that it frees people to see things differently.

Seminar prices range from $1500-$5000, plus travel (when we’re traveling again).

Workshop prices range from $5000-$10,000, plus travel (when we’re traveling again).

BeeOnline Integration Workshops

support for focused implementation projects

Participants learn the WHAT and WHY of health-promoting work in my online programs.  The HOW comes with specific implementation projects.

Integration Workshops are for alumni groups who are ready to plan and implement a specific change.  In the span of five focused weeks, we can move ideas into action.

For example, an alumni group might wish to integrate risk-factor identification and/or health-promoting practices into:

  • climate committee projects
  • quality improvement processes
  • safety analyses and protocols
  • department policies and procedures
  • organizational reward structures

To start, you send me a note about a potential project and your ideal timeline.  If an Integration Workshop is a fit for your purposes, we’ll have one week of preparation, then one month of focused collaboration.

Week 1: Preparation

Together we’ll refine scope and focus. You’ll send me the list of your alumni group members. Then I create a private online space with resources specific to your project.  We’ll schedule weekly 1-hour phone calls.

Weeks 2-5: Collaboration

We’ll think together via live phone calls and asynchronous written conversations in your private membership space.  We’ll focus on integrating health-promoting concepts into your organization’s unique structures, policies and procedures.

This option is available only to alumni of Be Aware & Be Healthy because the short timeline depends on all participants sharing in the foundational concepts and language of health-promoting work.

Integration Workshop prices begin at $5000.  Prices go up if timelines go beyond 1-week preparation & 1-month collaboration.

BeeRetainer Packages & Hourly Consulting

consulting services for your organization as you need them 

If you have been leading a change initiative for some time, you’re in the thick of it.  But it might be that you also have a full-time leadership role, so you’re balancing this change initiative with a long list of other responsibilities.  It can become exhausting.  And it’s hard to sustain momentum.

That’s where I can help.  I can support you as you think through your options, make a game plan, write proposals for resources or bring your group together to discuss, plan and implement change.

I can be your sounding board, brainstorming partner and collaborator month after month, until momentum builds and goals are reached.

My hourly consulting rate is $350.

Retainer packages run 6 to 12 months with a minimum of 20 hours per month.  Depending on the nature of the work, the length of the contract, and the number of hours per month, I discount my hourly rate anywhere from 10% to 20%.